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5V 40A Switching Power Supply

  • Output voltage:5V
  • Output current:40A
  • Output power:200W
  • Efficiency:about 80%
  • Ripple And Noise:80-120mV
  • Certification:CE ROHS
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Use newest components to produce. It is stability and security. 


Input Specification Input Rated Voltage:       AC170-240V
Input Frequency Range:  47-63HZ
Output Specification Output rated Voltage:     5V
Output Inrush Current:     40A
Output Power: 200W
Protection Function Overload Protection: The rated power of 105%---150%,Automatic recovry
Over-voltage Protection: The rated voltage
Insulation Strength Input---Output 1500VAC/1min
Input---Ground 1500VAC/1min
Output---Ground 1500VAC/1miin
Safety Standard In accordance with GB4943,UL60950-1,EN60950-1
EMC Standard In accordance with GB9254,EN55022 class\A
Environment Operating Temperature -20°C-60°C/20%-90%
Storage Temperature -40°C-85°C/10%-95%
Height Above Sea Level <=2000M





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