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42V 2A Battery Charger

  • Output voltage:42V
  • Output current:2V
  • Output power:84W
  • Efficiency:about 80%
  • Ripple And Noise:about 80-120mV
  • Certification:CE UL SAA KC ROHS FCC
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Product features:


1.It will turn light when full charged.

2.With constant voltage and constant current.

over-load, over-current, .Over voltage, short circuit protection
100% full-load burning test, pass 3KV test,with stable performance.

4.Use newest components to produce. It is stability and security.

5. Input 100-240Vac,50-60Hz, max 90-264Vac,47-60Hz.
  Available for countries around the world.



01 Rating input voltage: 100-240Vac 50-60Hz 
02 Input voltage range: 100-264Vac 
03 Rating frequency: 47-63Hz


05 Rating output voltage: 42V
06 Rating output Current: 2A


07 Charging mode:CC—CV(Constant Current—Constant Voltage)
08 High efficiency and low power consumption
09 Stabilized output and low noice
10 Efficiency(at 100% load): >=80%
11 Operating temperature:0C ~ 45C
12 Storage temperature:-20C ~ 70C
13 Operating humidity:5%~90%RH

14 Rechangeable input plug(Customized) 
15 Output Connector: DC, JST, XRL, Alligator Clip,Air plug and so on.




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